• Cynthia Dagnal-Myron

Writing about 45 isn't going to fix his special brand of stupid. It only calls more attention to it.

I used to rant and rave about Trump all the time. I could not understand how anyone in their right mind, or with a mind at all, couldn't see through this guy.

He has killer gut instincts. Emphasis on the "killer." It's survival stuff. Reptile brain moves. He's constantly in a state of fight or flight, which he ramps up every day because it's all he knows. Scuttling from self-created crisis to self-created crisis to stay alive. Like a shark who can't stop swimming or he'll die.

So because he's afraid to stop swimming so hard, he's gotten really, really good at it. Built up all the right "muscles." He has also managed to swim into and out of all kinds of trouble over the years. And into the presidency, too--I don't think he really wanted that. I think he saw his campaign as a PR stunt he could capitalize off of while it lasted.

And now, he has parlayed it into a business scheme that he and his friends have made big bank from, while the rest of us looked on, scratching our heads. Screaming bloody murder.

I never expected him to do anything for us during this pandemic crisis. I have to be honest.

I also knew that he'd find a way to get his friends involved, and he has, as middle men in the ventilator debacle still going on and as potential stock holders in the companies that make that "miracle drug" that wound up doing more harm than good.

And BTW, I wasn't the least bit surprised when he suggested we try injecting ourselves with disinfectant last week. The man has a bad case of "Ready-fire-aim" disease.

It's just the first time that he may actually have stunned even his most ardent supporters. Which is a good thing. A good thing that won't last, but...still, any chink in the armor is worth celebrating.

Today, I read that he signed some sort of legislation to make sure the spouses of immigrants wouldn't receive any of the much-needed stimulus monies many of us have already spent.

Not surprised, again. He's back in shark mode. Whipping up a controversy he can live off of for a few more days.

I prefer to write about us everyday people who have survived this shark attack somehow, even in our darkest hour. We're more like those dolphins swimming gleefully in the Venice canals again. Making the best of a very bad situation.

And making each other laugh a little bit. And love life even when we're fighting for our lives.

Writing about 45 isn't going to fix his special brand of stupid. It only calls more attention to it.

I prefer to write about stuff that matters. YOU, for instance...


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