• Cynthia Dagnal-Myron

Who's whining NOW, Bill Maher?

I've always winced a bit when I watched Bill Maher's show.

I remember giving Ben Affleck a standing ovation in my living room when he called him racist for his views on Islam and Muslims. It was more about seeing someone talk back to Maher than even for the point Affleck was making--though I agreed with that, too.

Maher often bullies his guests. He asks them a leading question and if he doesn't get the answer he was trying to lead them to, he cuts them off--sometimes with a smug, "But I'm right," as the ultimate last word on the subject.

It's even worse now that he can only berate his guests long distance. I don't know if it's the sheltering at home that has him barking like a terrified terrier or what.

He used to call Trump a "whiny little bitch," but COVID19 has brought out the whiny little bitch in Maher himself. And the "pretzel logic" he uses to "prove" that we should all just get back out there and let the weak ones die off--because they deserve it for being weak--would just be sad if it weren't also so dangerous.

Let's take a quick look at the three main points he bleats at us week after week:

  1. If we were all healthier, the virus wouldn't have hit us so hard. TRUE. But we're not. He's been bitching about sugar and fast food and exercise for years. And now he's reached fever pitch with the "Stop eating SUGAR!" Point is, even if we all suddenly went on the Mayo Clinic diet tomorrow--God help us--a lot of us would still die this year. It takes more than a couple of weeks of healthier meals and exercise to get the kind of fit that wards off things like the Rona.

  2. More people die from (fill in the flu/disease/condition of your choice) each year than have died from COVID19. Kinda true. But the reason the numbers are still so low is that some of the better governors and mayors in this country realized how deadly this thing was and started shutting down and requiring masks. Those refrigerated trucks hospitals used to handle the overflow of dead bodies told a grim tale. This virus is vicious. And the numbers are spiking again. In fact, even when Trump was pretending to care for a brief time, we didn't really know what the death toll actually was. Lots of people died of it but weren't counted as dying from it. They're trying to collect data about that now, too. And now that Trump has decided to test even less, we really don't have an accurate count. So it's probably 'way worse than we think. And while ignorance may be bliss for some, it's going to be deadly for thousands.

  3. Young people should be allowed to get out there and sew those wild oats without fear because their healthy young bodies are indestructible. And they shouldn't worry about passing it on to old people because, and I quote (closely enough): "How many 19-year-olds hang out with octogenarians?" Wow. First, a lot of young folks have all kinds of underlying health issues, too. That "Americans should be healthier" thing especially applies to a lot of our young people today who eat crappy food and don't get the exercise previous generations used to. Second, even healthy ones DO get sick and die--the recent surge is, in fact, largely among younger folks. For them COVID often manifests differently--as a strange, sudden stroke, sometimes. In babies, it's a raging infection that inflames internal organs. And third, while a lot of young folks don't hang out with octogenarians per se, many live with their parents, other elders or people with the kinds of health issues that make them prime candidates for COVID. And wherever they go, they're talking to, sitting by, or otherwise interacting with people who could die from what they're carrying. Maybe all those old and unhealthy people should sacrifice themselves for the good of the young and fit. But I bet most of the young and fit folks they'd be leaving behind wouldn't agree with that.

Nobody likes being housebound. I have friends who are struggling beyond belief because they've also lost their jobs and don't know how they're ever going to pay that mortgage or keep food on the table.

We're in trouble on so many levels right now that I'm starting to whine a lot, too. We were all soooo happy to kiss 2019 goodbye. And now 2020 has bitch slapped us so hard, so many times, that we'd gladly turn back the clock.

But for me, the key is not to bully or sacrifice people who might or do get sick. The key, as always, is to love one another and do the best we can to keep everybody safe.

Not to do that...is kinda like looking the other way when other awful things like (fill in the holocaust/ethnic cleansing/deportation process, etc. of your choice) happen to lots of people. Karma really is a bitch. Seriously. So you need to be careful what you ignore.

Jesus told us to love our neighbors as ourselves--not as we love ourselves but AS ourselves, some Biblical scholars say. As in, "I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together." Goo goo ga joob. (Thank you John Lennon)

Of course, Maher's not too fond of Jesus, either. But you don't have to be religious to care about someone other than yourself, Bill.

It'll feel a little weird at first, maybe. But it'll do 'til that vaccine comes along...

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