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What so many women--and men--do not know, but long to...

I'm not going to say anything. The poem and video will do it for me. If it hits you where you live, go to "The Abbey of the Arts." Your "pack" may be waiting for you there, howling a "welcome" that you've been waiting for...

What She Does Not Know (for unsuspecting Selkies everywhere)

She does not know there is a reason she always feels out of place her life rigid and small, like living in a doll's house a marriage more trap than longing and when she chokes on courtesy and convention the salt which burns her throat is not just tears.

She does not know that when she stands on the sea’s wild edge and can finally breathe, dream, weep, her body strains forward seawater in her veins, barnacles behind her knees waves lap her ankles, thighs, torso, her cold breasts.

She does not know that when she swims in that wide expanse and the swell pulls her under, she does not need to struggle, the sea has been longing for her as well – everyone onshore aghast – her daughter will grieve and wail and awaken

from dreams of the deep dark water calling her name also.

—Christine Valters Paintner, The Wisdom of Wild Grace

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