• Cynthia Dagnal-Myron

We're not invisible, wisdom women. They just don't know how to handle how beautiful we are...

I went grey a long time ago. And expected to become "invisible" like you read we do after "a certain age."

Didn't really happen. I just made myself invisible for a while.

I shrank. Seriously. I noticed that in a grocery store window one time. That I had to force myself to look up. That I walked like I was apologizing for being.

So I quit doing that. And people immediately noticed.

I threw my head back, smiled at people directly. And they would invariably say, "Hello," in the most enthusiastic way. To this woman who obviously owned whatever world she lived in.

I liked that, so I kept on doing it. And now, if I go somewhere, instead of being invisible--which I sometimes want to be--everybody finds me sooner or later. I hear all the goss. All the stories.

Even at airports and things, people come to me when something's not quite right or they just need some guidance of some kind. Because I look like I'll know something, even if it's not exactly what they need to know.

I no longer worry about whether they think I'm beautiful or anything like that. I also no longer spend a lot of time trying to be beautiful. I'm experimenting with looks, just now. Had permanent eyeliner done, so I wouldn't have to work at it so hard. So my eyes would be "ready" all the time.

Started sporting little knit caps and wide headbands and things instead of my various grey wigs or "make do" hairstyles at home. Exotic and easy. New "mes" to be in a pinch or even on a proper stroll through the mall or whatever.

The point, now, is to find all the mes I can be and try them on for size. Find out who I want to be now that I can be whoever I want. No job, no family to "satisfy." Days dedicated to my own wants and needs and dreams.

Lost over 30 pounds pretty effortlessly over the past year or so. So I can even fit into clothes I thought I'd never wear again.

Only now I don't want to wear most of them. So I'm looking for a new style entirely.

It's not so much about "beauty" as it is about...reveling in whatever I'm feeling at the time.

I love desert colors. Earth tones. And loose, flowy things. Pants that pull up--not the elastic waisted granny kind so much as...well...stuff that ripples when I walk. Dramatic entrance, you know?

Befitting the queen I've become. Yass.

What would you wear if you could wear what you really want to? What would you look like if you let yourself be? Even if you can't go there right now, hide a "hint" somewhere on your body today where only you know about it. See how that makes you feel. Then come and comment on it here...



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