• Cynthia Dagnal-Myron

Sooo...when the Senate doesn't DO anything after impeachment...what THEN, America?

Just...wondering when we're going to wake up and really think about what we're going to do after the House impeaches 45 and the Senate shrugs that off.

Cause, at the point, won't we be a dictatorship, pretty much? Aren't we pretty much that right now?

I mean, alls the media pundits seem to be upset about right now is how expensive wine and cheese are going to be if 45 slaps tariffs on France just in time for our holiday parties and whatnot.

I think we've got a whooooole lot more to worry about than having to maybe skip the baked Brie this year.

Cause even if 45 is still smarting from being ridiculed in Europe the other day, he'll still be the same guy who thinks that he can't be disciplined in any way. And once he's done with the impeachment process...that'll kinda be true, right?

If the Senate doesn't even give him a slap on the wrist for bad behavior--if they just shoot him a "You know we have your back" wink and let him just go on being 45--we're kinda done, right? As a Democracy? Okay, as a republic. I know, I know...

It'll mean that presidents from now on--if we ever get this one to leave, that is--will be able to do whatever they want, however they want. Ignore the law. Rewrite the law or reinterpret the law to suit their motives. Whims.

They can say whatever they need to say to get elected--though they may not have to worry about that so much, either, now that they can call upon other countries to help them rig elections. And then do whatever they want to do, once they're in office.

Maybe we won't have elections. Maybe 45 or the next one who finagles his or her way into the Oval will just...stay. Hand off to one of the kids. Another relative. Friend.

Are we okay with that, America? I mean, am I the only one with the jeebies over this? And wondering what martial law and all that will be like, when it all goes down?

Talk about it in the comments. Seriously. Since the TV talking heads don't seem to be ready to go there, maybe we should start our own discussion...

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