• Cynthia Dagnal-Myron

Silky soul: Maxwell's Triumphant Return

He was just...sooo smooth, back in the 90s, Maxwell. And so beautiful.

The wild 'fro just added some "dangerous" to it--possibly on purpose. To offset the "pretty," add a little "edgy."

So you had the eye candy and the undeniable talent. Which explains why he became, for so many people around the world, the voice of an era. His songs were the soundtrack to our lives--I didn't realize how many songs or how many moments of my life were enhanced by that killer falsetto and those masterful "runs."

The man could sang, as we Black folks put it. Oh sure, women threw panties at him, cried over him, sent his real-life women death threats...but the bottom line was, the man was gifted.

He thought, as the son of a Haitian mother and Puerto Rican father, that he might not be "Black" enough. We thought he was the epitome of Black Excellence--a role model for Black males everywhere.

And there was something else: the chill vibe. He could shake a tail feather, Maxwell, but he moved the way he sang. Cool. Classy. And he lived the lyrics he sang in a way. Lyrics that were almost always about a "higher love" than most of us would ever attain.

So, he'd hit us with a string of hits and then...disappear.

For years at a time, not a note, not a word. We know now that this was a deliberate retreat from fame. An attempt to become just another New Yorker riding his bike around town, living an almost "normal" life. You could see him at the grocery store, you could catch him dancing at the club--he was out and about, hiding in plain sight. Being Gerald Maxwell Rivera, Everyman. (Yeah, right. But he did try.)

He's back again, big time. In fact, a Google commercial is currently using one of his best loved, most danceable tunes--I wiggle to it ever time it's on. He's even on tour. Unfortunately not stopping in Arizona but I'll try to forgive him for that. Here's info: https://musze.com/

And week or so ago, the Soul Train Awards declared him a Living Legend. I missed the show, but rushed to find the performance that was making BIG waves all over social media. And God, I am so glad I did.

I cannot stop watching it. I cannot believe this man still sings and moves like this at 48--the audience was absolutely spellbound. And stood, danced and grinned from ear to ear the whole time--he just makes you feel so good.

Like most people who've watched and commented on the YouTube video, I can't stand it when it stops. I want to hear those songs that meant so much again and again--I want to hear all of them, not just these precious few.

So...here it is. Followed by his very emotional acceptance speech. You know I wasn't gonna leave you hangin', right? Had to share the joy--watch the WHOLE THING. I promise it will blow your mind repeatedly...

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