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"Marriage Story" was too predictable, too precious. But Adam Driver? My heart. (Sings Sondheim, too)

Didn't fall in step with social media on this one. I mean, people love this movie.

But I had to kind of talk myself in to finishing it. Glad I did, but it was touch and go for the first 20 minutes or so, I'm not going to lie.

I wasn't surprised or particularly moved by anything I saw in Marriage Story at first. And then came a series of stunning Adam Driver moments that made me stay just to watch him work this thing through.

Yep, I watched all the way to the "Okay...so...what am I meant to think about this?" ending that was actually maybe perfect. Because I think "nebulous" is kinda the point.

See, the couple in this story seem to love deeply and with more insight than many. And part of me wanted to sit them both down and say, "Just...WAIT. Live into this thing. You're just getting started, guys."

I had trouble figuring out what the problem was. I think that was the point, maybe. That sometimes you don't know what the problem is. Not sure. Kinda...like they're not.

Are you picking up on a theme or something here?

Tell you this, though. Adam Driver was in this thing. Turned up to 11. Totally tuned into all the ambiguities and contradictions. I wanted to hug the guy. So did his mother-in-law. I mean, that's the kind of guy he is.

The wife who finally decides to divorce him even admits he's a wonderful father and understanding husband. Makes a long list of all the things she loves about the man as a marriage counseling exercise--she's reading it when the story begins.

Both leads are good people who care about each other. Which is frustrating as hell.

Kinda like the rough patch they're trying to get past in that marriage. Can't quite figure out what's wrong. Or what's right.

See? It keeps wandering around in circles like that. Like...how life works sometimes. Chasing answers...

Anyway...Adam Driver. Don't care what you've seen him do before, you need to see him do this.

And this, too...

Who knew? Now go struggle with him on Netflix. And if it hits you where YOU live, eventually...come back and talk to me about it in the comments...

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