• Cynthia Dagnal-Myron

Just...BECAUSE, dammit...

This won't take long, But I hope it makes you smile today.

I'm just feeling like maybe we all need to do something kinda...reckless, right now--to "Go rogue," which is the motto I started with back when I started all this.

It's time for us to have a few "mini-adventures." I'm talkin' tiny little rebellions--laughable stuff, nothin' big and bold.

Cause, listen...we're being asked not to travel at a time when we desperately need a big old family gathering and some group hugs. I've got a brand new granddaughter about to have her first Christmas--ask me how I feel about all that!

And I've been ridiculously good. Cause I'm old and I've got all these little scary ailments that could kill me if I caught this bug.

So, I've had to be super careful--resist some serious temptations. I mean, I've met some men recently who have had to be put on the back burner because I'm really trying to be a good girl. I just spent an hour talking to one of the dearest, in fact--blessed, I tell you. I really am.

But today, I took a tiny detour from that guarded path. I just had to.

I'm talking real tiny. So little that I wouldn't even have thought twice about it before The Rona.

I went to the post office to send off my old phone that I'd promised to exchange for my new phone. Little bitty post office in my little town outside Tucson.

And on my way back, I took a sudden left turn into a very long line of cars at Starbucks.

I didn't even want coffee. I just didn't want to go back home yet.

So, I sat there actually enjoying easing up a few feet at a time, for almost a half hour or more. Listening to the friggin' RADIO while I took in the incredible view of the mountains we have at that particular location.

Local radio. Awful radio, mostly--Tucson stations suck. Seriously suck. But the one I listen to most of the time plays the soul, disco, New Jack Swing and R & B of my youth that still makes me bounce around a little bit.

So there I sat. Just enjoying being in the world, outside of my house, listening to Old School joints on my car radio.

I felt sort of like a teenager again, all full of myself in a fast food line with my first car. Jamming out and feeling free as a bird, with "no particular place to go," as the old Chuck Berry song went.

I was almost sorry when I got to the pick up window.

But I went on home and sipped my Peppermint Mocha Frappu with gusto. And then got back to work on the novel. With a little smile on my face.

Yeah, we're under a "stay home" order. But dammit, for a half hour, I was a wild child again...at least in my own mind.

What tiny adventure are you craving today? GET ON IT!

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