• Cynthia Dagnal-Myron

I wish you blessing in the chaos...

Not even sure where I got this one. But in my continuing quest to make this "social distancing" experience a time of peace instead of panic...here's yet another poem about sacred stillness.

But FIRST...

I'm noticing, despite Trump's attempts to send us back to "busy-ness" ASAP, a change not only in my friends but in the entire world since the pandemic sent us "inward."

We're singing to each other from balconies. And our favorite musicians, actors and other celebs are singing to us, dancing with us, offering free workout programs and just generally paying us back for all the luv we've given them over the years.

On the home front, neighbors are leaving gifts on each other's front steps--even whole meals! Yes, in my neighborhood, some of the elders in an "adult community" are cooking for the younger folks struggling to keep their kids busy. Some are even helping them homeschool--long distance via Skype and all those other apps and gadgets! I love that.

And in some communities, those "take any book you want," do-it-yourself library cabinets have been converted into "take any item you want" pantries full of food and other household items. And friends are watching Netflix movies together via some sort of magic app the Netflix folks created.

I can't wait to do that with my daughter, who lives in Redmond, WA, a suburb that rubs shoulders with Kirkland where this virus first surfaced. So she's definitely housebound, bless her, with a brand new baby to worry about.

And while I've been reading a lot of "cabin fever" stories on some forums I frequent, I also have a feeling that despite the tension some couples and families are feeling they may, by now, be facing instead of fighting about them. And perhaps becoming closer for it.

I think the whole world could follow suit. Or...I did until Trump spoiled it for me this week and started poking the bear again. He just brings out the worst in the worst, doesn't he?

Anyway, those of you willing to take a more patient path that might lead to big, beautiful blessings...here's what I wish for you


To all that is chaotic in you, let there come silence. let there be a calming of the clamoring, a stilling of the voices that have laid their claim on you, that have made their home in you, that go with you even to the holy places but will not let you rest, will not let you hear your life with wholeness or fee l the grace that fashioned you. let what distracts you cease. let what divides you cease. let there come an end to what diminishes and demeans, and let depart all that keeps you in its cage. let there be an opening into the quiet that lies beneath the chaos, where you find the peace you did not think possible and see what shimmers within the storm.


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