• Cynthia Dagnal-Myron

I just can't even right now...

I've been gone a while. I know.

I needed to be.

These days, I do one or two things, early in the morning, to try to help us stop the madman in the White House from destroying this country completely. And then I walk away from it all.

I"m taking care of myself more right now. Eating less and better. Reading more than I write. Watching movies that make me laugh out loud. Listening to music that uplifts me--more about that in a minute...

It's all about gathering strength. Tending to the holes in my soul--the news rips me to pieces. I reel and then spend the rest of my time trying to recover.

Cause deep down, I'm seriously afraid that America is done for. No matter who wins.

I wonder why we can't stop the president from de-funding and dismantling the Postal Service, blatantly, without a hint of shame, to rig an election. The Postal Service, that is the only way millions of rez and rural people can get bills, checks, meds--what are we doing?

I mean, who knew the Constitution was just a "gentleman's agreement" of sorts? That some crass bastard could just ignore if he chose to...

My daughter and her beautiful little family were just here for two weeks, and all I could think was how I would give anything to protect them from the awful future looming. They're so beautiful. They deserve so much more.

So in the calm before the storm, we just enjoyed each other. Babied the new baby. Snuggled with the puppies who ran around in the backyard the way they used to before they moved even farther west with the young folks. Stopping time for a moment, to simply love one another. And say so as often as possible.

And today...someone I'm beginning to admire more than words can say, gave us this:

After giving me this, on NPR, this weekend:

And my daughter, as a little gift to lift my spirits after that wonderful visit was over, bought me the shoes he dances in in that sweet little video:

And this whole morning, I've been grinning from ear to ear.

That's the deal, folks. All we can do is spread a little joy from time to time. And revel in it.

Please take care of yourself. And those you love. And people you don't even know--people you pass in the street--smile at 'em, even if they don't smile back.

And dance your wonky little dance like Jacob. Several times a day.

Be good to yourself. Make someone's day. Make your days as delicious as you can.

Fight on. But give yourself some sacred space and time.

Love to ya'. LOTS...

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