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Higher Love: Holy sh*t good Christmas music to levitate to

I tend to be pretty corny about Christmas music.

But this is something Spotify very painstakingly put together that nudged me gently, sweetly, above and beyond the usual schlocky stuff I listen to to remind me of Christmases past.

Six hours of Holy heaven. For people who don't even believe in any of this stuff. And definitely for people who do--you will be delighted. It's a list for all those friends who mess with your head about Christmas and all the music that usually goes with it.

I found myself thrilling to songs I knew, gasping at songs I had never heard before and unable to tear myself away waiting to see what they were going to give me next.

The exquisite little "Walking in the Air" song from the animated film The Snowman is even in it. I'm saying that for my daughter, to whom that film means...well, more than I can explain to you here.

That's what I love about it. Just when it feels like its getting maybe a wee bit too obscure...a moment like that happens. And you want to know how they put this danged thing together so deftly...

It's not all choral, either--mostly, though. I'm especially fond of the British choral groups, some of great renown. Ah, those angelic little boys with their oh so pure soprano...

But it veers from the heady highbrow to, yes, that danged Drummer Boy. Flirts with the mandatory masters and then soars over to some foreign tongue, key, scale or time signature (Tavener's "The Lamb" does almost all that at once) that makes you have to work a little bit.

Jazz, yes. There's even jazz that won't set your teeth on edge. No Kenny G that I could see. But...six hours. I might've missed one.

I have also downloaded all six hours to make my plane travel over the next few weeks less stressful. I am a very nervous flyer. This and a Xanax ought to get me to my daughter in Seattle in a saner state than usual.

Test drive it. May turn out to be the only list you need for that big holiday gathering.

Go on--blow their minds and hit them with an unpredictable onslight of "holy shit" stuff they haven't heard in every stores they've shopped in over the past coupla months. Not done like this, anyway:

Don't let the very familiar first few fool you. They're just setting you up for the plunge into 'way less familiar Yuletide territory.

Wings up, my angels...

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