• Cynthia Dagnal-Myron

Hell no, Trump. We will NEVER forget this extraordinary experience...

Donald Trump wants us to get back to "normal." And to forget all about what we've just been through together.

Well, I say...

We've suffered together. We've triumphed together. We've been forced to reckon with one another as families, friends and foes in a deeper and more meaningful way than most of us have ever done before.

We've found ways to use that technology we used to grumble about in clever, creative and downright miraculous ways. So instead of pulling us apart, it brought us together. Instead of distracting us from reality, it kept us in touch with it.

The playing field has been leveled. The high and mighty are shooting and showing us both the chaos and cute stuff going on in their houses. And it looks just like what's going on in all the other houses in the world. Stir crazy kids bouncing off furniture. Precious pets that can't be kept off laps while the cameras roll--even on network TV.

We have free virtual concerts, we have online workshops, seminars, dance lessons, exercise sessions led by pros and everyday people alike. Virus victims and their guardian angels giving us tips, updates and pep talks from the front lines.

We've cried and laughed and "memed" and screamed--reached toward one another in our isolation. And the cracks in America's foundation have been exposed, too. We've seen, some of us up close and personal, where the weak spots are. In fact, some of us have gone plunging right down into them.

So we can't ignore them anymore. Having stood right on the edge, each and every one of us, just inches from taking that plunge ourselves.

This country will, whether Trump likes it or not, never be the same. Normal, as we knew it, won't work when this is over.

There will be millions who won't have the choice of going back to what used to be normal--actually, none of us do. We have all been profoundly changed by this experience, emotionally, financially, spiritually...you name it, it has been altered.

If we had the right kind of president, we'd be challenged to use what we've learned to make things better. To continue reaching out to each other to start making all those much-needed repairs to shore up that crumbling foundation.

But we have a president who is more concerned about his ratings and re-election than anything else. So we're on our own. He told us as much. He's done with us.

But you know what? We're damned good at being alone together. Cause like other abused "children," we knew Daddy would abandon us sooner or later.

I don't ever want to forget how resilient and courageous and creative we've been. Because this may well have been one of America's finest moments.

So thanks for the memories, my fellow Americans. Keep 'em comin'.

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