• Cynthia Dagnal-Myron

"Going to be a dictatorship?" Ha! We're already there, America

Trying to understand why everyone is so shocked that Trump not only pardoned but is now partying with Eddie Gallagher, a former Navy Seal who, according to some of his Seal peers, was a stone old killer who seemed to enjoy shooting down civilians.

Look, dictators need people like that. All of the ones Trump admires have assassins and "death squads" full of people like that. People who enjoy their "work."

Trump is courting the kind of people he will need after his pal Putin helps him steal the next election. Mark my words.

The man has already ignored subpoenas and ordered his henchmen to refuse to testify. The courts are being packed with judges who will do his bidding as well--including the Supreme Court, the most important one in the land.

The man stands in front of the press nearly every day to announce the latest crime he's about to commit. And the press dutifully reports and debates it, as if it were just business as usual.

Oh sure, there are the daily op-ed pieces declaring: "If Trump succeeds in (fill in latest obstruction of justice here) he will truly be above the law."

So his next Twitter torrent shows us just how far above the law he believes he is. And then he signs some new executive order to prove he doesn't need Congress to do whatever he feels like doing.

Only Nancy Pelosi seems to know how to jerk his chain even a little bit. But her options are running out, too. She can taunt and tease him, but she can't slow his roll forever.

And frustrated though he may be with the progress of his impeachment--or lack there of--he's still putting everything he needs in place for Election Day 2020 when, win or lose, he'll make his boldest moves toward full dictatorship yet.

Right now, he's getting his sea legs--he's a little wobbly, still, in the role. Gets easily upset and goes off the rails a lot. Batshit crazy is hard to control.

And it's going to get even worse, now that there are pretty much only enablers in the White House willing to cater to his every whim. God help us.

The lunatics are running the asylum--just look at Rudy Giuliani, for Chrissake.

Okay, don't look at Rudy. That's Trump sending in the clowns to keep us distracted while he makes arrangements to get those tanks rolling down Pennsylvania Ave. when the time comes.

But wen that time comes, he'll need a few Eddie Gallaghers close by, just to make it all go according to plan.

Oh, I wish I were just being paranoid...

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