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For a happy New Year: Developing your "cool knock." What that means and why you need one...

Actually, in the movie People Like Us, Chris Pine says you need an "interesting knock."

Doesn't matter. The point is, you have to find that special something you have that sets you apart from the crowd, something that turns heads, opens doors.

That "Go rogue, get RANDOM" motto I chose for this site--it was inspired, in part, by that "cool knock" thing. It's one of the Six Rules of Life offered up in the movie.

And it occurred to me the other day that if I still did New Years resolutions, mine might be to revisit those rules. See how I'm doing.

But since I don't do resolutions anymore, I'm going to just post those rules, as actually stated in the film itself--from the actual script--for you here.

I chose to present them this way because the script includes explanations left out of most of the lists you get by Googling. And those explanations are crucial. And delightful.

This could make this year VERY interesting, if you take 'em to heart. I did. Even the last "unofficial" seventh one. If you don't "get" that your mother really is always listening, think a little more. Go a little deeper. Deeper...


You're welcome...

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