• Cynthia Dagnal-Myron

DO that longed for thing you're scared of doing. NOW.

My new Website is a thrill a minute. Something is always...not quite right.

And I'm in my 60s, so when it's not quite right, it's not going to get right real fast. I have to go real slow, step-by-step, using all the computer smarts I've gleaned over the years.

The Sun Times publishers automated earlier than most newspapers back in the 70s, thank God--early ATEX system as I recall. So I was there when the world of digital media was really dicey.

Which means I'm not shy about trying to figure something out myself instead of contacting those young whippersnappers snickering, "Ok boomer" under their breaths when I break down and use that contact form.

The other day, I thought something wasn't working, but it was just my browser window that couldn't expand far enough for me to click on "Activate." Now I have to figure out a workaround for that. Sigh.

But the point is...I'm willing to fix it. I'm willing to fight with it. Even mess it all up and have to start over again--LORD don't let that happen, though.

Cause another thing I learned back then is that train wrecks are teachable moments. Every time the system went "down" right before the deadline and we had to scramble back to our old typewriters--yes, with paper and whatnot--we learned a new trick that could save our asses the next time.

Life resets things like that. Upgrades you on the fly--BIG honking case in point: my daughter "found herself" pregnant a few months ago. Out of the blue.

Wasn't the plan. But baby girl got tired of waiting for that portal to open, I guess. Ticking clocks and all that--my daughter is 32. Time's a wastin'.

First couple of months were a roller coaster. She's getting better at it day by day, though--she's found herself in another way. And it's delightful watching that happen.

She can use her father and me for training wheels for a while--we kinda did it the same way.

But I don't think she's going to need us all that much.

Sometimes you can just tell it's part of the plan. Sometimes it just cold konks you and you have to stagger around a bit first.

The point, though, is to cold konk yourself sometime, like you did as a kid. Hard to remember that after you get to be my age, but sometimes you need a "jump."

Sometimes you need TO jump.

And land someplace you're not so sure you really wanna be. Until you've started feelin' it.

So today--right now--do a thing you've been longing to do but didn't. A little thing or a real big thing--don't go out and get pregnant or anything. Unless...that's the thing.

However you wanna do it, just...get it goin'. Get after it.

And then come back and tell me about what it felt like just daring to do it. Even if...

Take the lessons learned and try, try again.


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