• Cynthia Dagnal-Myron

Connecting the dots...

Sometimes life...just runs away with you...

Right now, I can't make sense out of all the bits and pieces. Can't find the pattern.

I call these my Sunday in the Park with George moments. When I'm kinda "finishing the hat," as Sondheim's beautiful song says, dot by dot, not seeing the big picture yet but trusting that it will find its way someday.

I think writers and other artists are a wee bit more tolerant of those disjointed moments because we're used to watching things grow gradually, unsure if they'll ever amount to anything. Ever be what we thought they'd be when we started.

I've learned, finally, to be patient with that. And also to just love each little dot that contributes to the bigger picture--those little dots that may make it all work. Or...not.

My absolute favorite Sondheim song also comes from Sunday in the Park with George. It tells artists and all of us wondering where we're going and why and how we'll stay sane until we get there:

"Stop worrying where you're going Move on If you can know where you're going You've gone Just keep moving on..."

And in the unspeakably beautiful final moments of that song, we're told:

"Anything you do Let it come from you Then it will be new Give us more to see..."

I always cry when I hear those last "instructions." Because as a writer...I'm constantly having to remind myself that the sincere work, the work that comes from the heart and soul will indeed be "new." Something no one else has ever said quite the way I can.

I have to also trust that living that way, from the heart and soul, no matter how crazy things may feel at the time...will lead to something remarkable, like that amazing Seurat that inspired the musical I love so much.

Others may see it better than I do, the picture all the dots of my life finally created. I am only sure that it will be beautiful. Flawed...but beautiful. And unique.

If you're "finishing the hat," too, right now, and not quite sure what all the little bits are pieces are about...listen to these songs.

And keep moving on...


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