• Cynthia Dagnal-Myron

C'mon, Senate Republicans, your "Maverick moment" is on the horizon. FREE yourselves...

Wasn't a John McCain fan, really. That's sacrilege to some here in Arizona, but I'm just being honest.

In fact, I kinda blame him for the mess we're in right now. To be fair, Sarah Palin, the running mate he chose, wasn't his Frankenstein monster so much as a "clue" we didn't read right at the time.

There were legions of Palins out there, looking for a Trump to beat up libtards with. Even if it killed them, too.

But the day that very, very sick old man toddled up to give a "thumbs down" to the umpteenth GOP bill designed to repeal Obamacare...I had to give him much respect.

He didn't do it to piss off his fellow Republicans--or Trump. He did it because he truly believed it was the right thing to do.

Kinda like back during that infamous campaign when he also faced down a follower who stood up to insist that Obama was a Muslim and all that--shut her down, fast. And kept on doing that, as it began to dawn on him what his choice of running mates really meant.

What I'm looking for now--what we NEED, more than anything--isn't even someone as brave and high-minded as McCain.

We just need a few Republicans to take a huuuuge chance the day the Senate votes "yay" or "nay" on impeaching 45.

Think about it, y'all.

We keep hearing that a lot of you are tired, angry with or even afraid of Trump. Several of you are leaving office, to get out of the cage he's got you in.

So...get RID o' the guy! Don't just give him a slap on the wrist, vote to send him back to Trump Tower for good. FREE yourselves!

Don't tell anybody 'til it's time to actually do the damned thing. And then channel your inner "McCain," and vote that sick sucker out of office.

Save the country you profess to care so much about. Stand up for the Constitution you vowed to protect.

Shock the world. Show 'em we're still the America they thought we were--or still want to be. There'll be lots of work to do, once he's gone.

You can do this!

And if you hear me, members of my "Rogues Gallery," give a rallying cry in the comments section below...

#trump #impeachment #politics #Democracy #civilrights


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