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Be a "life whisperer" this year: Stop. Rock. Wait.

Whole lotta drama these days. Politically and other wise.

In fact, it feels like one kind feeds the other until my entire world just roller coasters up and down.

But I put on the brakes toward the end of '19. In part because an illness stopped me in my tracks for awhile. But even before that, I started pulling over to the curb more.

Just...slowed on down and let the madness pass me by when things started to get too wild or too weird. Waiting 'til I was good and ready to move again. Or life created a special "passing lane" just for me.

And I discovered that life will let you do that. You won't lose everything or everybody if you back off and take some time to regroup. In fact--and Nancy Pelosi apparently just figured this out, too--taking a pause lets some puzzle pieces fall into place naturally.

Miss Nancy got her impeachment on, and then said, "Not so fast, Fat Boy." Postponed the rest of the show 'til Turtle Man Mitch gets the message. And all kinds of new stuff seems to be dropping out of the sky while she's waiting--good stuff. Stuff she can use later.

Learned something similar once from a "horse whisperer," at a training held by Equine Voices a local equine rescue organization (they save imperiled horses so feel free to click and contribute). She had each of us walk toward one of the traumatized horses they care for there, very slowly, being careful to stop and take one step back whenever the horse turned to look our way.

Simple but remarkably effective. You just sort of rock back on one foot and wait. And when the horse chills and goes back to whatever s/he was doing you walk, rock, wait a few more times until the horse finally just comes to you.

Seriously, You do that a few times and the horse just lopes on over to see what this silly creature's story is. Happened every single time, even with the trainees who were a wee bit nervous around horses.

My horse took only a couple of waits to some come and snuggle me. I was delighted and dumbfounded, both. But giving that horse time to make up her own mind really worked. She trusted me, because I'd respected her.

Very cool.

I'm not saying your life will snuggle you like that if you try this "trick." But I've noticed that it has worked for everything from a relationship I was somewhat wary of to damned near everything else I've been doing, trying to do, waiting for or wondering about lately.

Stepping back and waiting like that let life"do what it do"as a whole lot of people 'way hipper than I will ever be like to put it sometimes.

So, while I've been encouraging you to "Go rogue. Get RANDOM," and to find your "cool knock" and all...I also want to encourage you to "rock and wait" from time to time, too.

For real. When you're getting so sad or confused or overwhelmed that you can't think or just don't know what the hell to do...visualize that horse thing. Stop. Rock. Wait.

And watch the "answer"come loping up to you. Like magic.

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