• Cynthia Dagnal-Myron

Let's just impeach the mother and move on...

I'm trying to watch the impeachment hearings. I really am. But everyday they keep telling us the simplest truth: Trump did it.

We don't need hours of analysis or even any more proof. He did it. We're done.

It's almost funny--like a Marx Bros. movie. All these people huffing and puffing and pointing and nodding. Sturm und drang. Signifying nothin' much.

I guess they have to keep going just to fill up the time they set aside for all this. Cable news. All that. I feel for them. Saying the same things the same ways over and over again.

It's like how Taco Bell manages to make all these new dishes out of the same taco stuff all the time. We know what's in it. But they have to keep us comin' back.

The only problem is what we're going to do with what we know about ourselves, now that we know it--it's not just Trump who's messed up. We're all messed up. Lost.

Will the Republicans grow up and admit that we're in a helluva mess with this guy or...what's the deal? Is it so hard to leave the party--Party--and just do the right thing?

Yes, it's been fun being large and in charge and settling ages old scores with the Libtards. I know. Heady business.

But this is a country you're running. Not a country club.

And it is in very, very sad shape, y'all. It needs some TLC.

It's almost unrecognizable--we don't know who we are or who we want to be.

And we've for damned sure forgotten who we were.

Let's...do whatever's left to do and let Mitch McConnell fuck that up so we can get on with the business of figuring out how to fix what's left.

Lord...where are we goin' now...???

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