Cause sometimes I just am...

I'm a former features reporter for the Chicago Sun Times and Arizona Daily Star, published author, contributor to...lots of sites. For the love of it...

I've been a writer all my life. Before I could actually write, I recited little stories to myself. Making sense of my life before I knew what life was, really...

And sometimes I just have things to say. Things that don't fit anywhere else. Things that just need saying or seeing or thinking about that I can't send to an editor or don't want to wait for an editor to discover and approve.

This is where I'll put them for safekeeping and sharing. Random as I wanna be...

JOIN me! Go rogue. Get RANDOM.


We have come to be danced...

My poet soul friend Isaac Kirkman who passed away recently--I wrote about that--would have swayed to this one:

Losing PART of my religion

At times like these...I want my church to not just comment upon but to be in the struggle. Mine...seemed to be oblivious to it.


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